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Ice climbing

At the start of winter, the temperatures plummet and the waterfalls start freezing:  the conditions for the practice of this sport are met.

In the narrow valleys of the Fournel and Fressinières, the frozen stalactites create extraordinary ice shapes. You may be a fan of Davidoff, Captaine courage, the Nain des ravines in the Fournel or an adept of Fracastorus or the “Y” de Granusat in Fressinières.

A little further, the “Y” or the “formes du chaos” in the popular site of Ceillac, remain in conditions later into the season.

Over the years, the ICE festival (Ice Climbing Ecrins) in L’ Argentière-la-Besséee as become one of the largest and most important gathering of ice climbers from the world over, attracted by the exceptional beauty, the accessibility and the diversity of the ice falls.

Each January for the Ice festival, we are delighted to welcome our regular customers who come year on year from Italy, Spain, and England. Drying room available.